“Our culture is very dependent on cars and therefore it is very hard to live without personal transportation” … George Gentsch, former missionary to Russia

“Since its inception, Missionary Ministries has been a Godsend to us missionaries.  When we come to the St. Petersburg area, housing is important, but we are convinced that having a vehicle might be more important.  To have housing without a way to go places to accomplish the purposes for being there is meaningless.  The services that come with a Missionary Ministries’ vehicle (airport pickup and delivery, roadside service and great flexibility) greatly surpass a car rental’s service.  What a blessing!”… Jack &  Ann Chalk, Spain

Ken Young, a missionary to Japan, cried when he received the news that he was granted a vehicle for his own use during a medical need!

“You’ve blessed us with your ministry!  What a practical and unique way to serve…”
Pablo & Rebecca

“…I want to thank you for letting me use one of your cars during my recent visit to St. Petersburg.  I could go from place to place to pick up the donations being made to the agency I represent.  Certainly, I don’t travel on the wings of the Holy Spirit but I go on the “wheels” provided by the ministry God has given you…”  Griselda , Argentina

“Thank you so much for the use of the van.  It was a great blessing to us as a family”…
The Jacobs, ON, Canada

“…Just wanted you to know how blessed we were by your ministry.  We are praying for you and the ministry.  How encouraging it is to see God work…” David & Dana, Spain

“Huge debt of gratitude.  Thank you…”  Karl & Elaine, Australia

“…Thanks to this service that you had given me, I was able to move around Tampa and around Tampa.  I was able to go to preach to several churches that I was invited.  I was able to pick up clothes that were given to me for the mission and I was able to get a generator and I took it to the shipping company…There are not enough words to express my gratitude..”  Rufino, Puerto Rico

“On December 3, 2005, at 5:30 AM, I was driving your very first missionary missions’ car, and it caught on fire at Skyway Bridge and burnt into ashes, as I watched helplessly, but the angels of the Lord were present to guide from even further challenges with the moving vehicle.  Thank you for coming to my rescue at that hour of great need.  It meant so much to me.  Your ministry to assist the missionaries with vehicles must be God ordained …. Thank you for all your assistance even with the refugee ministry…” The Rev. John, Kenya

In a Christmas card, a note signed by John’s wife: “May God bless you mightily this time of Christmas …. We have enjoyed very much using the ministry cars especially when Dorothy visited (managed to use your car to get my driver’s license which was a great blessing for me.  In fact we visited so many places and it made my friend’s visit very interesting).  John, my husband, has used those ministry cars to attend all meetings and conferences.  The devil is the enemy of our faith and he tried to discourage us by burning one of the ministry cars as he was going to an important conference.  I thank God through trial we are made more strong … God will bless the work of your hands…”

And on and on they go…

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